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How does JuanTax work?

JuanTax makes tax filing easier for you

JuanTax is a tax platform with all the right tools to help you prepare and file your taxes on time.

Mobile App

Upload receipts through our mobile or web application.

Automated Tax Calculation

Record and report effortlessly through our automated system.

Automated SLSP/Relief

No need to install Alphalist or Relief software.

Accountant’s Portal

Monitor clients’ compliance in one dashboard.

Seamless Filing

File Tax Return, QAPs, SAWT, VAT Relief sent through our system.

Secured Data

Ensuring privacy through encryptions; Two-factor Authentication & One-time Pin.

Client Portal

Report Access and Approval system for clients.

Convenient Payment

Pay through our trusted payment partners.

Book of Accounts

Generate Book of Accounts for electronic or loose leaf reporting.

Cloud Archive

Store data through our cloud system for optimum security & compliance.

Unlimited Users

Add as many members with different roles to the organization with no extra cost.


Integrate with other accounting applications.

Join us now and have your #TaxDoneRight

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